A History of my Nova Scotia Ancestors

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This web site is about my ancestors, most of them of German origin, who first came to Nova Scotia between 1751 and 1785. It is my first attempt at publishing the results of many years of research, and I hope that it will help many others find missing links in their family tree.

My main interest is The Descendants of Rudolph Pentz, my paternal line. There are over 1,000 of his descendants currently in my database, and I have compiled biographies for all of my direct ancestors: Rudolph, Conrad, Jacob Ernst, Richard Edwin, Frederick Edwin and Frank William Pentz. Copies of family bible pages, wills and marriage bonds are to be uploaded soon. 

However, I am also following all of my other branches, although not in as much detail. Biographies have been written for many of my direct ancestors in these families. 

I would love to hear from anyone in the family regarding any additions or amendments to the genealogy. Come back often and see what's new!



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My Husbands family (also from Nova Scotia) Garron of Westport

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